Friday, January 11th, 2019
January 11,2019 the Smithville firefighter had their appreciation dinner and welcomed 2 new recruits Brenda Soto and Dillon Hicks
Monday, January 7th, 2019
Smithville Fire Department welcomes New recruits Brenda Soto and Dillon Hicks
Walter Burton was recognized at the firefighters appreciation dinner Friday night for his 25 years of service to the Smithville Fire Department
Sunday, February 4th, 2018
The Smithville Fire Departments celebrates turning 80. On February 3, 1938 the Smithville City Counsel under Mayor JE Evins passed Ordinance #92 to establish the Smithville Fire Department. The Board...
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Smithville Fire Department History

On February 3,1938 under the direction of Mayor J.E. Evins the Smithville City Counsel Passed ordinance 92 establishing the Smithville Fire Department and appointed the following: Bethel Thomas Fire Chief, Freddy Tramel Assistant Chief, and Bob Herndon Captain, and the following Firemen: R.E. Lawrence, M.V. Driver, Roy Conger, Sam Colvert, Bill Durgham, Harry Foutch, WJ. Evins, Jim John Dearman, Charles Cantrell, W.H. Vickers Earl Wade, Paul Willoughby, Bill Bond, Bill Hendrixson, TJ Potter, Alton Bonham, Houston Lockhart, Kenneth Howard, Joe Young, Van Cleveland, James G Driver.

After purchasing a fire truck, equipment and receiving some training the Smithville Fire Department started responding to fire calls all over DeKalb County.  Due to the large coverage area and an increase in population in 1953 Smithville purchased an additional fire engine to better serve the community.  The Smithville Fire Department continued responding to calls countywide until 1975 when DeKalb County purchased their own fire engines to start the DeKalb County Fire Dept. fter purchasing fire equipment the Smithville Fire Department responded to fires all over DeKalb County.  Due to the large coverage area and increasing population In 1953 the city purchased another fire engine to better serve the citizens of Smithville and DeKalb County.   The department continued to answer calls for help throughout the county until 1975 when DeKalb county formed their own fire department.  



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